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Gord Sheppard is a leadership coach, facilitator and organization consultant who empowers leaders so they can positively transform themselves and their organizations.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

What Gord Does

Gord Sheppard inspires and empowers leaders to take action so they can positively transform themselves and their organizations.

He does this by providing insightful leadership coaching, facilitation and organization consulting services.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

Clients Include

Gord's Services

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

Leadership Coaching

Gord helps executives, owners and managers to make better decisions and perform at their best. He does this through 1 x 1 and group coaching sessions during which he asks insightful questions as well as giving leaders the tools they need to succeed.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Organization Development Consultant

Facilitation & Training

Gord is a highly experienced meeting facilitator and corporate trainer. He can help your entire team have productive sessions in the areas of strategic planning and innovation. He also teaches a wide variety of topics including conflict management and meeting productivity improvement.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Organization Consultant

Organization Consulting

Gord is an experienced organization consultant who can help you build a strategy, identify gaps and improve the processes in your organization. He has experience doing this with a wide variety of organizations including corporate, government, medium sized businesses and non-profits.

Gord's Process

  1. Understand your issue
  2. Offer recommendations
  3. Help you take action…

That’s how Gord works.

Gord Sheppard - Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

Understand your issue

First Gord listens. Then he asks relevant, honest questions to truly understand your issues.

offer Recommendations

Once we understand what you want, we make customized recommendations about how you can successfully move forward.

Help you Take Action

We offer expert coaching, facilitation and consulting services to help you get the inspiration and information you need to take action.

Get started today!

When you book a discovery call then you can describe your issue Gord listen and then make practical suggestions to help you find a solution and take action!

What People Are Saying

"Gord has an uncanny gift of being able to read individuals and situations, while bringing out their best in a very short amount of time. He helped us produce great results that are truly actionable."
Cynthia Annett - Testimonial for Gord Sheppard
Cynthia Annett
Board Chair, Special Olympics Alberta
“Working with Gord radically changed how I view my business and these changes are already leading to new growth for my company."
Alex Armstrong - Testimonial - Gordon Sheppard
Alex Armstrong
Owner, Three Tall Women

The Meeting Leadership Solution

This book will help you transform your meetings – FAST!

Unproductive meetings are bad for business. The Meeting Leader Solution delivers a proven 10-step system that Professionals can learn quickly so they can take action to make their meetings more productive and profitable.

  1. Get Real With Yourself by becoming more self aware.
  2. Get Real With Your Team and find practical ways to deepen trust.
  3. Know your Total Meeting Cost so you don’t waste a single second.
  4. Get a Great Facilitator.
  5. Link The Meeting To Your Strategy
  6. Build a Blockbuster AGENDA that people actually want to read!
  7. Meet In The Right Space
  8. Get Awesome Meeting Resources
  9. Follow Up FAST and create accountability
  10. Take Action and get inspired so you can transform your meetings into a competitive advantage!

Written by Gordon Sheppard, a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Organization Consultant who has run and participated in more than 2,000 meetings!

This book is for all leaders, including CEOs, Executive Directors, Board Members, Doctors, Managers, Engineers, and anyone else who wants to transform themselves and their organization

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