Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Gord Sheppard

My name is Gord Sheppard and I can help you positively transform the way you lead yourself, your team and your entire organization.

In 25+ years working as a leadership coach, facilitator, organization consultant, podcaster and author I have helped thousands of leaders and their organizations.

Here are 7 reasons why you should work with me.

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Gord Sheppard

I inspire and empower leaders so they can take action and postively transform themselves and their organizations. I have worked successfully with corporations, small and medium sized businesses, non-profit and government organizations. Here’s why they hired me, and why you should too.

  1. Honest Conversations
  2. Rapid Assessment and Practical Recommendations
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Process Improvements
  5. Proven Track Record
  6. Leadership Empowerment
  7. Inspiration
Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

Honest Conversations

“I’m not in the family.”

This is one of the first things that I say to new clients. It means that I bring an objective, outside perspective that ensures that I will respectfully say what needs to be said.

For example, I once worked with senior leaders in an Oil and Gas service company who swore, terrified their employees and who also didn’t have an organization strategy.

Initially they had a hard time trusting me. They had never worked with an organization consultant, and they ‘sure as hell didn’t want someone coming in and telling them how to run their core business.’

I assured them that I didn’t have expertise in their technical area, but I was definitely able to help them improve the culture and to also develop an organization strategy.

In 1×1 conversations I would as why they swore, and point out the effect that it was having on their office staff. I also painted a picture of how it would be easier to manage people when they stopped this destructive behaviour.

Over a six monthy period the leaders were able to become more self aware and change their behaviour for the better. One of them also sent this feedback in an email.

“We have also have appreciated working with over the last two years and the miles ahead you have helped us move forward both personally and in business.”

Along with helping to improve their work culture, I was also able to help them build a robust organization plan that they are still using today.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant
"Gord has an uncanny gift of being able to read individuals and situations, while bringing out their best in a very short amount of time. He helped us produce great results that are truly actionable."
Cynthia Annett - Board Chair, Special Olympics Edmonton
Cynthia Annett
Board Chair, Special Olympics Edmonton

Rapid Assessment and Practical Recommendations

Leaders need fast results.

That’s why I make sure to speed up the intake process, so I can make practical recommendations that they can take action on.

Here is my 3 step process:

  1. Understand your issue
  2. Make recommendations
  3. Help you take action

Initial assessments usually involve 1 to 2 meetings.

During the first meeting the client is able to speak about their main issue and where they want to go. At this meeting I listen deeply and gain a thorough understanding of the issue and the overall context within which the issue is happening.

I ask insightful questions and learn about all the stakeholders affected by the issue, as well getting a clear picture of the organization structure, culture and strategy.

With all of this information I can then make practical recommendations about how to move forward.

For example, I was asked to facilitate a strategic planning session for a non-profit leader and their board.

After the initial conversations it was clear that the organization’s most important priority at this point was to streamline operations.

So I was able to re-adjust the engagement to fit their needs. After that I worked directly with their senior leadership team facilitate a series of operational improvement conversations that led to concrete actions in key areas of document control, time management, leadership development and more.

Recommendations often include:

  • 1×1 leadership coaching over 3 sessions to quickly help the leader improve
  • Strategic planning facilitation to help the organization understand its current state and where it wants to go
  • Customized training solutions in the areas of Conflict Management, Time Management and Managing Remote Teams and more

Once the recommendations are made, then the leader can decide how to work with me to help with implementation.

Our entire team of 8 thoroughly enjoyed working with Gord. He efficiently brought to our team clear and helpful ways to navigate meetings, a SWOT analysis and the start of a strategic plan. He has an excellent "read" on people and their roles and brings multitudes of idea on how to access information and support from community sources. Well worth the time and money
Rosemary McMahon - Testimonial - Gordon Sheppard
Rosemary McMahon
Owner, Program Manager - Edmonton Catholic School Board - LINC
Gord Sheppard - Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

Strategic Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will take you there.

This is what the Cheshire Cat says to the lost Alice (in the classic book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll).

I help organizations build strategic plans so they can choose the right road to move forward on.

I do this by following a before/during/after process.

  1. Assessment and Planning
  2. Meeting Facilitation
  3. Follow-Up

1. Assessment and Planning

During the initial assessment we often review the previous strategic plan and talk about how we want the upcoming strategic planning day to go, along with who will be there.

Then I help to craft a practical agenda for the strategic planning day that often includes:

  • PEST analysis (which means we will examine the Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors that are impacting the organization
  • SWOT analysis (which helps the group to examine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Vision/Mission/Values exploration
  • Establishing Goals and Objectives
  • Doing an initial draft of a practical Workplan that will help everyone to know their action items in terms of What needs to get done, Who needs to do it, and when it is due
  • Establishing a high-level communication approach to make sure that the strategic plan is made known to all stakeholders
  • Talking about what inspires each person in the room – and how that connects to moving their organization forward every day.

I also ensure that a notetaker is present (ideally someone internal) who can take down the initial set of notes during the strategic planning day itself.

2. Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation is one of my superpowers. I have successfully facilitated innovation sessions, negotiations and conflict managements.

When I facilitate a strategic planning session I am able to:

  • Maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm amongst the entire group
  • Make sure that everyone participates
  • Handle disagreements with honesty and integrity
  • Create a safe space to enable people to feel confident to speak their minds
  • Keep the agenda moving forward so we can achieve all of the goals for the day

3. Follow-Up

After the session I follow up with the client to exchange feedback.

I also help the notetaker to consolidate the notes in to a strategic planning format that can be delivered to the senior leaders for implementation.

I also help the senior leaders as needed with future tweaks, or special projects that emerge as a result of the strategic planning session.

In the end, after working with me, organizations have a clear path to follow, and a practical way to do it.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

Process Improvements

I have helped a wide variety of organizations improve their internal processes, especially in the areas of:

  • Leadership development
  • Employee onboarding
  • Marketing and sales
  • Recruiting
  • Organization planning and more

This is because when I work as an Organization Consultant I have an objective view of the ‘big picture.’

From there I’m able to compartmentalize the key processes, and help leaders to work on improving them.

For example, I worked with an Oil and Gas company who needed to improve their bidding process so they could win more business.

I worked with each person involved to ask questions about the entire process. I also facilitated group discussions to help them work with each other. I then captured the notes for this process into the overall organization plan, so they could refer to it and refine the process even more in the future.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

Proven Track Record

I have worked successfully with a wide variety of leaders in organizations from across multiple sectors.

In Oil and Gas I have helped small drilling companies as well as companies with hundreds of employees. I have also worked for man small and large corporate organizations

In the non-profit sector I have worked with large and small organizations to help deliver strategic plans, improve operations, create and distribute online learning solutions and more.

I have also delivered leadership improvement workshops for employees at the Provincial and Municipal levels.

Check out my About Page for a list of clients that I have helped.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

Leadership Empowerment

I believe that 1×1 leadership coaching is essential to helping executives and managers to rapidly improve.

I also believe that if you spend an hour with me as a coach, then I will help you to make 2 to 3 realizations that you can then take action on to improve your leadership skills.

My coaching process involves doing an initial assessment to find out the key issues that the leader wants to work on.

Then I do at least 3 coaching sessions, 1 hour per session within 60 days. This allows me to get them some immediate feedback and help, and it also allows us both to establish whether or not we are a good fit as a coach/coachee team.

Typical issues that arise during coaching sessions include:

  • Helping leaders overcome ‘imposter syndrome’
  • Helping leaders learn how to deal with conflict
  • Helping leaders gain control of their time so they can reduce stress and be more effective

I also develop leadership training programs to help leaders improve in a wide variety of areas.

Want to learn more about how I can help your leadership team? Then fill in this contact form and I’ll get right back to you.


Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant


Because organizational leaders are so busy, they often forget the main reasons for why they are in leadership positions at all.

As a result they feel overwhelmed, guilty or they simply avoid critical issues.

So one of the most important things that I do is to help leaders re-discover what inspires them.

Because when you remember why you do what you do, then it makes it easier and more enjoyable.

I also teach them about resources that they may not have considered including:

In the end, I believe that inspired leaders are the drivers of inspired organizations, which is why I put so much emphasis in this key area.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

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I am so proud of the results that I have achieved with my clients over 25+ years.

If you would like to learn more about how I could help you and your organization, then please send a note through our contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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