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Gord Sheppard helps leaders positively transform themselves and their organizations. He does this by delivering high quality leadership coaching, facilitation and organization consulting services.

Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Organization Consultant

Gord helps business leaders improve themselves and their organizations.

He does this by listening first to fully understand what they want to achieve so he can then give them the advice and inspiration they need to take action.

Gord Sheppard - Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Organization Consultant

Gord Sheppard

Gord is passionate about empowering leaders so they can transform themselves and their organizations.

Because he believes that when your organization is strong then everybody wins.

That’s why he has specialized in being a high impact leadership coach, facilitator and organization consultant.

He often says “I’m not in the family.”

This means that he will say what needs to be said, so that leaders can cut through the noise and make better decisions.

With more than 25 years of business experience, an MBA, and Prosci Change Management Certification, Gord can help leaders get the advice and inspiration they need to move forward successfully.

He is a best-selling author of the ‘Meeting Leadership Solution‘, a 10 step system to help you improve your business meetings today!

He has also produced employee training programs, and hosted podcasts with more than 20,000 downloads!

Get in touch with Gord to find out how he can help you grow as a leader while you transform your organization.

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“Working with Gord radically changed how I view my business and these changes are already leading to new growth for my company."
Alex Armstrong - Testimonial - Gordon Sheppard
Alex Armstrong
Business Owner - Three Tall Women

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